Case Examples
What we’ve done for others, we can do for you.

How Core Consulting Helped Improve Internal Enterprise Connectivity

Leadership Assessment and Retreat Lead to Greater Employee Satisfaction

When an emerging bank wanted to make a major impression, they called on Core.

We helped a fast-growing bank compete with the major players by helping to establish their business strategy and developing a business model for the bank’s holding company. Building business is our specialty.

We got to the core of a company’s financial relationships, enhancing profitability and effectiveness. 

Core improved the client’s treasury management relationship, reducing service fees by conducting a review of the company’s financial service providers. We prepared an RFP for banks, recommended and selected a lead bank, negotiated pricing, implemented business processes and provided oversight in the ongoing relationship. You can bank on our capabilities, too.

We’ve built business strategies that work right now, and stand the test of time.

We assisted a non-profit client by developing a three year vision for their business, providing strategic guidance and business strategies by working in group sessions with their decision makers. Each year, we augment the original plan through continued strategic sessions to keep everything on track.

We’ve helped a major company get more value from its IT investments.

We aligned business and IT strategies for a national commercial property developer, establishing an IT governance structure for policies, procedures, funding and resource allocation, roles and responsibilities, new technology request procedures and risk assessment. If you’re undergoing expansion, we can help you make the most of it.

Sarbanes-Oxley reviews have been accomplished with our expert guidance. 

Our client, a multinational manufacturing company, called on Core to see it through an extensive Sarbanes-Oxley IT review. We led all compliance efforts for internal control activities including training, design, documentation and auditing of internal controls for a favorable review.

We’ve had a major international impact, too.

As a payments industry representative for the United States electronic payments systems, we have represented the U.S. in European Union discussions. We’ve also conducted training and classroom instruction on the legislative and regulatory environment throughout the U.S. payments industry.