Data Warehouse Developer Job Description

Data Warehouse Developer

Position Summary: 

Core Consulting is searching for a Data Warehouse Developer to join our team. Strong SSIS, SSAS and SSRS is required for this opportunity.

Essential Functions of the Job:

  • Responsible for working on several different aspects of client’s Regional Data Warehouse Project
  • Working with technical staff to assist in the analysis, design and construction of SSIS packages from a Regional Company/Source System to documented target tables in our 3NF Data Warehouse
  • Assisting in updating data dictionary, mapping diagrams, and extending the current models
  • Understanding outputs and identifying any changes or modifications needed to the ETL components in order
  • Collaborate with (a) Data Analysts, (b) Data Warehouse Architects, (c) other BI Team members and Technical SME’s

Key Requirements:

  • 3+ years of development using Microsoft’s SQL Server database stack (SQL Server 20xx, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS)
  • Understand the logical data model as well as the business requirements for the data warehouse portion of the BI solution
  • Demonstrable strength in development of T-SQL queries, stored procedures, complex join and data manipulation
  • Have generated and executed DDL to create databases, tables, views, and the semantic layer
  • Have identified and created primary indexes, partitioned primary indexes, secondary indexes, join indexes, and all other needed indexes
  • Have identified statistics columns, and created and executed collect statistics statements;
  • Have identified, defined, and created necessary associative tables, data constraints, and compression mechanisms
  • Have followed and/or established standards, guidelines, and procedures for design and maintenance
  • Must have good communication skills and work well in a team environment
  • Must have experience interacting with technical staff, other developers, and/or other teams as part of the development process
  • Strongly desired to have Insurance Services experience
  • Specific product experience in Business Property and Specialty Lines (Marine, Trucking/Motor Carrier, Education, Workers Comp, etc) in a multi-tier Company organization is beneficial
  • Demonstrates the ability to understand and have implement strong analytic standards based components focused on reusable frameworks
  • Experience working with, modifying and/or creating models in 3rd Normal Form
  • Experience with various modeling tools such as Embarcadero/Erwin/OpenModelSphere
  • Have modified physical data model for efficient data access paths